Outakontrol Productions makes TV commercials, music videos, corporate films and promotional programs. We also film internal business conferences, customer testimonials, seminars, lectures, executive broadcasts and exhibitions.

We will help write your script and help with your creation and vision. Our experienced producer, camera crew and editing staff follow your video production from beginning to end, maintaining continuity throughout.

We offering clients the choice of shooting standard or hi definition when producing corporate films.
We have Hi Def cameras with the following benefits:

These films will look better than when they were first presented on standard TVs. Capture high definition pictures on a standard definition budget. The case for shooting program content in High Definition has never been so compelling.

The cost, speed and quality advantages of HD over film for prestige productions are well documented. Now the economics of HD production for mainstream television production are being transformed making HD acquisition accessible to those working on SD budgets.

A professionally made corporate video production can greatly enhance your company image. They enable you to demonstrate your product in action,

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